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Last Updated on : 10-1-2017

Opthalmology :-

HEINE K 180 Opthalmoscope                                              2.5 V Halogen            3.5 V Halogen

   A full function instrument at an economical price.

- Precision spherical optics                         --> Cornea and iris reflexes are effectively eliminated. Brilliant retinal image.

- HEINE XHL halogen illumination          --> Bright, white light, clear retinal image.

- Ergonomical shape                                   --> The instrument fits the orbita comfortably.

- Soft orbital rest                                        --> Steadies the instrument and protects your glasses.

- Choice of 5 apertures                              --> For both large and small pupils. Choice of fixation star or cobalt blue filter for corneal examination.

- Sealed viewing aperture and light exit,dust-resistance housing         --> Maintenance free

- 28 lenses from -35 to +20 D                    --> Brilliant image even at high corrections.


HEINE K 180 without handle :-

Opthalmoscope K 180 with aperture wheel 1                                 C-01.30.206          C-02.30.206

Opthalmoscope K 180 with aperture wheel 2                                C-01.30.207          C-02.30.207

      with cobalt blue filter

HEINE XHL halogen bulb                                                              X-01.88.084          X-02.88.086


HEINE K-180 opthalmoscope in standard design with aperture wheel 1, in soft pouch with one of the following handles :

HEINE BETA 2.5 V battery handle                                              C-182.10.118

HEINE BETA R 3.5 V rechargeable handle                                                           C-182.20.376

HEINE BETA TR 3.5 V rechargeable handle                                                         C-182.20.384

HEINE BETA NT 3.5 V rechargeable  handle and charger                                     C-182.20.420


K 180 apertures :

Aperture wheel 1

Aperture wheel 2 with cobalt blue filter